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Things get better…

Posted in Brooklyn, Life by Shannon South on July 22, 2011

I saw this last night on my way home (at the Nassau Ave G-train in Greenpoint), after leaving a birthday party for Nicolette. So true…

ps. After a little digging I discovered it is by street art collective, Trustocorp. Check out their other work. Pretty awesome.

Happy Fourth!

Posted in Life, NYC by Shannon South on July 5, 2011

This was my second 4th of July spent on Jennifer & Steve’s rooftop in Williamsburg. Though the fireworks are set off on the west side of Manhattan and they live east of the city, the view of the city in the foreground is spectacular. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening with the most incredible and surreal sunset I’ve ever seen.

It was also a special night because Jenny & I said goodbye to our awesome intern, who is heading back to Toulouse, France today. It was sad, but hopefully she’ll come back one day! (Anaïs, thank you for all of your great work – we will miss you!)

Last picture is our jar of Pimm’s cup that Ed & I contributed to the evening’s beverages… it was delicious!

PS – We are having a really nice sale this week.

Bequia + Mustique = Caribbean Paradise

Posted in Life by Shannon South on June 23, 2011

It’s hard to believe we’ve been back from our honeymoon in the Caribbean for over a week. I’ve been hard at work, trying to make up for all the work time lost while planning our wedding. Our trip was absolute heaven. I seriously cannot remember ever feeling so relaxed in my life. We went to two small islands in the southern Caribbean – not far from Venezuela.  To get there, we flew to Barbados and then had to take a tiny 15-seater plane – which made me a little nervous. Thank god the the weather was calm – it was a beautiful ride. We spent three days in Bequia and four in Mustique. The two places couldn’t have been more different and still fallen in the paradise category… I read a book cover to cover, which was a total luxury. We ate tropical fruits picked from the trees outside and drank coconut water straight from the coconut every day… came back with a very nice tan and most of all got to relax and ease into the fact that we had just made a huge life-changing decision. It was a perfect honeymoon.

I am now a Mrs.

Posted in Life by Shannon South on June 14, 2011

For anyone who has been wondering where I’ve been or why I haven’t been very active posting here or sending out newsletters or tweeting, it’s because I have been planning my wedding… and then getting married… and finally honeymooning. I got married on June 4th to the most loving, wonderful and brilliant man I’ve ever known (aside from my father), Edward Cotton. We had truly the most perfect wedding I could have ever imagined. It was a lot of work, but there was not one detail I would have changed. Everything really fell in to place beautifully and it was so amazing to see it come together. I felt truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends there to share this event with.

I’ve always been so in love with the fashion and style of the 1920’s. To me, it is the epitome of American glamour, it is elegant, ageless and something everyone can enjoy. Every time I put my hair in finger waves and wear my Chanel red lipstick and nail polish, I wonder how we got so fashionably lazy as a society and vow to at least paint my nails red more often.

Last summer, Ed and I attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island, put on by Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra. My mom loves to swing dance, so luckily she was in town and came with us. We all dressed in period. Ed wore blue and white striped seersucker, I wore a dropped waist, pastel floral sun dress, and my mom wore a blue and white seersucker dress with long pearls. The band was AMAZING and we immediately knew we had to have them for our upcoming wedding. (though at the time we were not thinking it would have any sort of theme. We just knew we wanted a band and this band made everyone, of all ages, want to dance.)

We then found a gorgeous inn on Shelter Island (near the Hamptons) that was established in 1929 and couldn’t deny how perfect it would be to have a Gatsby inspired wedding. When we made up the invitations, we added “Jazz Age attire suggested”. We had no idea how many of our guests would want to go through the effort, but to our surprise, 99% dressed in theme. My mother looked amazing, my aunts and uncles, my 9 month old niece, my “new” 12 year old niece and of course all of our friends looked gorgeous. I was just so amazed by how excited everyone was about the theme – it really created such an incredible atmosphere.

We had Nicolette Camille, my old studio neighbor when I was at Dobbin Mews do the flowers and they were truly breathtaking. She did such an amazing job on all of the details. She even made bouquets to match each of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Their dresses were all by the same designer and had similar details, yet they were each unique. They each made their own feather fascinators to match.

Ed & I attended an Outstanding in the Field dinner a few years ago in California and just loved the use of long tables at an outdoor dinner. They are the best for facilitating conversation with the most people. We also mixed our guests up in an unlikely seating arrangement, making sure guests of all ages and connections mingled. It’s so exciting to see the new friendships formed when we look through the photos.

Our photographer, Ben Fraser, brought about five cameras: a digital, a few vintage film cameras, and a really old one that takes one shot on a metal plate. We have to wait about a month before we get his photos back, but I will definitely post about those when I do. Ben also created a photo booth system which everyone loved. A polaroid camera was set up with a big red button that you would press, taking four photos, printing them on the spot and archiving them digitally to his photo site.

Special thanks to Glen, Jenny and Jennifer for all the great photos! Visit our Flickr group to see the rest.