Brooklyn Diary

Posted in Brooklyn by Shannon South on October 13, 2010

Brooklyn Diary has arrived! Jennifer, Jenny, and I are all thrilled to be featured in Lena Corwin’s new book.  The photography is beautiful and it’s a great compilation of some of the really inspiring things going on in Brooklyn these days.


Open Studio

Posted in reMade USA by Shannon South on September 22, 2010

The studios in Dobbin Mews will be open for an evening of shopping, flowers, and wine… plus a chance to see where we all work. Participating studios are:  reMade USA bags, Odette NY jewelry, Wiksten handmade clothes, Fay Andrada handmade jewelry, Nicolette Camille floral design and Judith Trezza gilding.

Nashville, Tennessee

Posted in Travel by Shannon South on May 26, 2010

We visited the Hatch Show Print shop, where posters for most of the greatest American musicians were (and still are) designed and printed. Hatch has not changed its printing methods and is a true hand-crafted art form.
Take a tour.