The Story of Electronics: Designed for the Dump

Posted in Knowledge by Shannon South on November 9, 2010

Annie Leonard of The Story of Stuff has a new film and I couldn’t agree with it more. The electronics industry is so careless. Is it even possible for them to make their parts universal or upgradable and still maintain financial growth when we are so accustomed to equating tangible products and shiny new designs with better?

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Two million plastic bottles every five minutes

Posted in Art by Shannon South on November 1, 2010

Chris Jordan is one of the most important artists of the century. He’s a photographer who sometimes manipulates images to depict the poignant reality of what we, as humans are doing to the planet. Plastic Bottles, 2007. “Depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes.”

Seeing his work for the first time made me uncomfortably aware of how careless “normal” behavior is. I made a conscious decision to try to avoid single use plastic bottles, plastic bags, packaging etc. If you can’t avoid the packaging, please recycle it. Check your local recycling guidelines to find out which things are recyclable. (a lot of things we think are recyclable are not)

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