An ottoman for Jeni

Posted in reMade USA by Shannon South on November 12, 2010

Jeni’s husband commissioned me to make a leather ottoman for her birthday. I found a really nice distressed leather trench coat to cover it with and I think it came out really well.

Photo by Jennifer Sarkilahti.


Made With Love

Posted in Fashion by Shannon South on November 11, 2010

Today I wore a set of recycled rubber bracelets that I bought at a really great gift shop in Maine called Rock Paper Scissors. We stopped there on our long drive back from Pop!Tech a couple of weeks ago. The shop owner told me a bit about the bracelets, but I wanted to know more, so I searched and found the company here. These bracelets are made by women in Mali and providing them with a viable means of support. They are sold to raise funds for L’Empire des Enfants, a school for homeless children in Senegal. I love what they do and it is so nice to know you are directly supporting people in need when you purchase their products.

reMade USA home accessories

Posted in reMade USA by Shannon South on October 12, 2010

I’ve just completed my first couple of reMade home accessories. So far, I have leather scrap patchwork throw pillows and cube ottomans. I’m so happy with the result that I’m keeping my samples on display in my home.